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Becoming a Member
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Member Benefits-

hen maybe you should think about becoming a RuneScape member. For only $5 a month (that's less then 17 cents a day!) you could get access to a stunning amount of new features that will keep you playing till early in the mornings. And the fun doesn't have to end there, as our content development team is dedicated to bringing out new content on a regular basis.
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Membership costs only $5 per month!

So what exactly are these new features?

s a member you will be getting more than twice as much again as the free version of RuneScape. And it just keeps becoming more and more! You will have access to some new skills such as the agility, fletching, herblore, thieving and slayer skills that will open up whole new dimensions to the world of RuneScape. Even the old skills have been improved so that, as a member, you will be able to cast more spells, craft more wares and catch more fish! Do you think you've got what it takes to harpoon a shark?

f learning new skills isn't your cup of tea, then you might be tempted by the huge selection of items that are only available to members. That dragon battleaxe could really give you the edge over those nasty beasts that are after your hide. Or maybe you could protect the just mentioned more effectively whilst you're running away, with that mighty dragon armour. If you're not the fighting type and prefer to dabble in the less violent arts, don't despair, as you will be able to manufacture a wide selection of potions and wares (such as unholy symbols, battlestaffs and loads, loads more), which means you will be raking in the profits, whilst others are busy getting their heads dented.

ompleted all the quests? Think again! As a member you will have access to more than 50 additional quests varying in difficulty and wackiness, with more being added as we speak. Rescue the beautiful Elena from the plague-ridden city of West Ardougne, then help her uncover the terrifying secret of the elusive King Tyras! Venture deep underground to confront the evil Iban, son of Zamorak! Save the itty-bitty tree gnomes from the forces of darkness, or find your way to the Gnome Stronghold where even greater danger awaits any brave adventurer who can find the secret of the dying Grand Tree! Become the envy of your friends by earning the right to wear the Cape of Legends...

o you get your kicks out of showing those monsters who's the boss? Fancy yourself as a bit of a dragonslayer? Well now those evil monsters are one step ahead: they just got reinforcements. Over 100 Monsters have been added to the members version of RuneScape, all waiting for a tasty snack to walk their way. Deep in the Wilderness lives the King Black Dragon, the most fearsome fire-breathing freak ever to haunt the lands. Or seek out the Kalphite Queen in her hive under the Kharidian desert - maybe she'll drop you the much-admired Dragon Chainmail... Rampage across the battlefield of General Khazard, slay fearsome hellhounds, carve your own helmet from the shell of the giant snails, collect dragonhide to make your own ranging armour - and when you've done all that, there's always more to kill.

f you're more of a traveller and you enjoy sightseeing, then you will be happy to find out that the members will have access to twice as much map space than everyone else. As a member you could be exploring huge dungeons, a massive jungle, a tree-top village, new training areas, new mines, new wilderness zones, whole new cities, and much more!

re you a bit of an audiophile? Members have access to far more music and sound effects than the free players. Using the in-game jukebox, members will be able to collect the entire range of music available in the game to listen to while playing to enhance their gaming experience.

o you want to show your friends who's the daddy? Why not defeat them in a one-on-one combat duel, to show them who owns whom. This is not like fighting against other players in the wilderness, as you can set a prize for the winner or fight just for fun without losing all your items (or getting jumped by a gang of pkers). To make it more interesting and varied there are a number of options you can set for a duel, such as: no-retreating, no-prayers, no-magic or even no-weapons!

f you want to try a team based combat game, then Castle Wars may be the thing for you. Each team has control of a castle which they must defend, while at the same time trying to infiltrate the other teams castle and capture their flag. There are a lot of features and items to make castle wars even more exciting. Defend the castle from the castle walls with arrows or with a catapult, set up barricades to make it harder for the enemy to get to your flag, sneak into the enemy castle through underground passageways, become a healer and bandage your injured team mates and much more!

here are also a range of RuneScape mini-games available for members to play. In the fishing trawler mini-game you and your friends can sit back and wait for the fish to bite. If only it were so easy! Check out here what you will be confronted with on your cruise. Don't like the smell of fish? Love the smell of gold? As a member you could be lucky enough to find a clue to ancient hidden treasures. Follow the clues to the treasure in the treasure trails mini-game. You think you're a powerful wizard? Why not see if you can survive the trials of the master of battle magic, Kolodion, in the mage arena? The rewards are plenty! But that's not all: you could also hone your new agility skill in the agility arena, play a relaxed game of gnomeball or challenge your friends to a game of runelink and draughts in the Burthorpe games room!

o you think thats a lot of stuff you'll be getting for only $5 a month? But that's not all! As a member you're entitled to even more! You will be getting far more Customer Support than the free players and more storage on your RuneScape bank account. There are a number of easy payment options available to members including Credit/Debit Card payment via Worldpay, PayByCash and PayByPhone. You will also be able to enjoy an advert free game window, so there won't be any adverts to distract you whilst you're playing RuneScape!

o what are you waiting for? Become a member today!

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Membership costs only $5 per month!