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Treasure Trails Guide
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    Treasure Trails Guide

    This is rather a large guide. To find something quickly use the Edit > Find feature in your browser. Just type:
    Ctrl + F


    Treasure trails are one of things in RuneScape that will give you hours of fun. You don't have the slightest idea what kind of treasure you'll get, or when you'll get it. If you like adventures, be sure to do some treasure trails. Treasure trails are members only, but some of the rewards can be used by both F2P'ers and P2P'ers.

    To begin a treasure trail, you'll need a clue scroll. Clue scrolls are dropped by certain kinds of monsters when you kill them. Below is a list of the monsters that drop clue scrolls. They've been divided into three categories. Refer to the reward section below for more information about the different categories. The higher the category, the better the potential reward if you complete the trail.

    Category Level Name Location
    1 2 Man All over Runescape.
    2 Woman All over Runescape.
    2 Goblin North-west of Lumbridge, in the forest.
    2 Mugger Varrock and the Ice Cave.
    5 Goblin Goblin Village north of Falador.
    7 Barbarian Barbarian Village
    7 Farmer Farms in Lumbridge, Draynor, Falador & Ardougne
    8 Barbarian Woman Barbarian Village
    9 Al-Kharid Warrior Al-Kharid Palace
    10 Thug Edgeville dungeon, and in lvls 9-10, centre of the wilderness
    13 Rock Crabs Rellekka
    15 Rogue Wilderness level 51-55.
    16 Thief Small alleys in Varrock.
    <20 Fremmenik citizens and warriors Rellekka
    <20 H.A.M. Members H.A.M. Headquarters, West of Lumbridge General Store. Clues can be obtained by pickpocketing H.A.M. men (level 20 thieving required) and H.A.M women (level 15 thieving required)
    23 Banshees (Slayer npc) Slayer Tower
    24 Man/Woman This is the human form of werewolf which can be found in Canifis (Morytania).
    30-37 Afflicted Mort'ton
    2 <21 Guard In all major cities, at entrances etc, and there's some in the Varrock Castle.
    32 Tribesman These can be found all over the Karamja Jungle.
    37 Cockatrice (Slayer) Slayer Dungeon, Rellekka.
    43 Pyrefiend (Slayer) Slayer Dungeon, Rellekka.
    <48 Black Guard Keldagrim (Dwarven City)
    53 Jogre These are hard to find. If you have done the Jungle Potion quest, you should know it though. You can find them in a dungeon east of Tai Bwo Wannai in the Karamja dungeon.
    62 Paladin All over Ardougne.
    57 Ice Warrior There are many of these in the Ice caves south of Rimmington, but also some in the high-level west part of the wilderness. Also some in the Ice Maze on White Wolf mountain.
    72 Vampire Vampires are found East of Canifis (in Morytania).
    74 Dagannoth Dagannoths are found underneath the lighthouse, North of the Barbarian Agility camp.
    3 79 Green Dragon These can be found South of the lava maze in the wilderness (wilderness map) as well as in level 13-14 wilderness on the Western side.
    92 Greater Demon There are a couple of these in the dungeon on the holy island of Entrana, in the Lava Maze dungeon in level 45 wilderness, and in the Karamja Members dungeon.
    108 Elf Warrior Elf camp in Isafdar.
    111 Blue Dragon There is one of these under the Hero's Guild, in the members dungeon, as well as the Ogre enclave.
    122 Hell Hound These can be found in the members dungeon, in the dungeon east of Ardougne (read the lever combination in our Family Crest quest guide), and in level 50-53 wilderness just south of the Axe hut.
    156 Red Dragon Lava lake in level 38-41 wilderness, also deep in the Karamja members' dungeon.
    227 Black Dragon These are located in the members dungeon, entrance south of Taverly, go all the way in (map), and in the wilderness lava maze dungeon (map).
    131, 189, 246 Bronze, Iron and Steel Dragons These are located in Brimhaven dungeon, you will have to traverse through many dangers to get to the dragons towards the end in their big cavern.
    Various Slayer monsters, including:
    Turoths, Jellies, Aberrant Specters, Gargoyles, Nechryael, Abyssal Demons, etc.
    These are located in the Slayer Tower north of Canifis and the Slayer Dungeon near Rellekka. Check our Slayer guide for more info.

    There are also a couple of other ways you can get clue scrolls. These ways can sometimes be more fun, because when you DO get a clue scroll, it's always a nice surprise. Pickpocketing H.A.M. Members will sometimes get you a level 1 clue, and if you're brave enough to venture into the Zogre Cavern West of Gu'Tanoth, it's possible to get a key from one of the monsters that inhabit these dim caves. Use the key on the coffins in the area, and if you're lucky, you just might find....a clue scroll!

    The rewards from treasure trails can vary a lot. Of course, like with so much else, the harder the monster, the harder and longer the treasure trail will be. But, of course, the reward will be better, too! Below is a table of the different rewards for the different categories of clues. Note that these might not be 100% accurate, and that you will not always get all of the things (I've had a trail that gave me 3 bronze pick axes...ouch!).

    The table shows only some of the special items you can obtain exclusively from trails. You can also get torn pages for God Prayer Books, and other normal items as well, such as pickaxes, weapons and runes. Remember, most of the special items can be only be used by members, meaning that they cannot be traded or sold on F2P worlds. Only the armours (normal, trimmed or God) can be used by both F2P'ers and P2P'ers.

    Category Reward Pic
    • Black armour (Normal, trimmed or gold trimmed)
    • Berets
    • Highwayman masks
    • Wizard boots
    Level 1 Rewards
    • Adamant armour (Normal, trimmed or gold trimmed)
    • Wizard and Ranger boots
    • Headbands
    Level 2 Rewards
    • Rune armour (Normal, trimmed or gold trimmed)
    • God Armour (Guthix, Saradomin and Zamorak)
    • Gilded Armour (the entire armour is gold colour)
    • Cavaliers
    • Pirate Hat
    • Robin Hood Hat
    Level 3 Rewards


    An anagram is a word where the letters of the original word are rearranged to make a new word. If you get an anagram clue, it will say so on it. There aren't many anagrams in treasure trails, and they aren't hard to figure out. Here's the list:

    Anagram Person Town/Location
    A Bas Saba Northwest of Burthorpe (north of the hero's guild) in an unmarked cave to the Northwest of the Slayer Master
    Aha Jar Jaraah Dueling arena hospital
    Are Col Oracle Ice Mountain North of Falador
    Bail Trims Brimstail Gnome Stronghold, East of the bridge on the West side of the Stronghold. Enter the hollowed rock, which leads to his cave
    Bar Bell Seek Kebab Seller Al-Kharid
    Eek Zero Op Zookeeper Ardougne
    El Ow Lowe Archery Store in Varrock
    Goblin Kern King Bolren Middle of the Gnome Maze
    Halt Us Luthas Karamja Banana Plantation
    Icy fe Fycie In a cave in Ogre Country South of Gu'tanoth, a little to the Southwest of the Chompy Bird Hunting quest start
    Me If Femi Next to the cart near the gate to Tree Gnome Stronghold
    Ok Co Cook Lumbridge Castle
    Peaty Pert Party Pete Seers' Village


    Challenges will not be in a clue scroll like all the other clues, they will be in challenge scrolls. When you get a challenge scroll you will need to figure out the answer, and return to whoever gave you the challenge, and give him/her the answer. Currently, there are only very few challenges, here's a list:

    Challenge Formula Answer
    19 to the power of 3 19*19*19 6859
    What is 57x89+23? 57*89+23 5096
    If x is 15 and y is 3, what is 3x + y? 3*15+3 48
    I have 16 kebabs, I eat one
    myself and share the rest
    equally between 3 friends
    how many do they have each?
    (16-1)/3 5
    How many cannons does
    Lumbridge Castle have?
    Count them 9
    How many animals in Zoo? Count them 40


    When you get a coordinates clue, it will say something like "04 degrees, 13 minutes North, 12 degrees, 45 minutes East". When you have this, examine it, and then head to the house North of the Observatory. You can find the Observatory Southwest of Ardougne, West of the Gnome Maze. Here you will find a professor, talk with him, and ask him to help you with treasure trails. He will tell you to get a watch and a sextant.

    • To get the watch go to the Clocktower (located South of Ardougne). Speak with brother Kojo and ask him for the watch.
    • To get the sextant go to the Khazard Docks (located Northeast of Yanille). Speak with Murphy and ask him for the sextant.

    When you have these two items, go back to the professor again, and he will give you a long lesson in how to use the sextant. And he will also give you a chart. If you didn't read or didn't understand it, see below.

    How to use the sextant to get locations:

    Now click Get location Ok, when you have the sextant, click on it to 'look through' and get your location. However! Before it's able to tell you your position, you will need to click on the up and down arrows until you have the horizon in the middle of the eye piece. After that, use your right and left arrows to get the sun in the centre of the eye piece as well. When you have this, and your eye piece looks like the one to the right, click "Get location" under the sextant image (above your chat box).

    How to use your location:

    Now you know how to get your current location, but you still need to learn how to get to your desired location (the one on the clue scroll). First you want to find the right longitude (east-west). If your clue says something like 12 degrees, 56 minutes east, and you're at 6 degrees 12 minutes east, then you simply walk east until you hit 12 degrees. Once you do that, you can try to hit the minutes by going a little more east. Then you try to find the right latitude (South-North). Go North/South until you hit the right place. This can be tricky, and the first 5 times you'll have to think and try a lot to get it right.

    To help you with finding the right location, we have made a useful feature. Open it here. This is a pop-up, so it might not open if you have a pop-up blocker active. This locator is not 100% accurate, but its pretty close, and it *should* give you an idea of where to go with your sextant for the right location. We have also compiled a list of known coordinates in text format, if you feel more comfortable using that.

    When you're at the right location, and you've double checked it, dig with a spade on the spot. If there's already something there, pick it up and dig.

    • Remember: When you have a coordinates clue to solve, you will need to have the sextant, watch, chart and clue in your inventory to dig up the casket containing your treasure/next clue. And don't forget to bring your spade with you; you can't dig anything up with your hands!
    • Note 1: With certain level 3 clues outside of wilderness, a Saradomin Wizard will attack you when you begin to dig. If you have protect from magic on, it will attack with a poisoned dagger. If you have protect from melee on, it will attack with magic. Best idea is to wear full dragonhide and attack him with protect from melee on.
    • Note 2: With certain level 3 clues, you will be asked to go to an area that is only accessible if you have completed or started a high-level quest. For example, you may get a clue that leads you to the Kharazi Jungle, South of Shilo Village. To enter the jungle, you will need to at least start the Legends quest. If your clue leads to the Canifis area in Morytania, you will need to have completed Priest in Peril and, depending on WHERE in Morytania the coordinates lead, you may also have to start Nature Spirit. There are other clues like this, so be aware that this CAN happen.
    • In the wild: With coordinates in the wilderness you will always need to fight a level 74 Zamorak Wizard before you can get the casket containing your next clue/treasure.


    Sometimes you might get a clue scroll, and when you open it to read it, all you see is a map. Your task is now to find out where that place is, and then, like the pirates always do, take the steps shown on your map, and dig where X marks the spot. To dig, you'll need your trusty spade. Here's a list of the different maps:

    Map Location
    Champions Guild Champions Guild
    Draynor Village

    Draynor Village

    Lumberyard, Northeast of Varrock Lumberyard, Northeast of Varrock
    Northeast of Falador, Southwest of Barbarian Village

    Northeast of Falador, Southwest of Barbarian Village

    Varrock East Mine Varrock East Mine
    Goblin village near the observatory Goblin village near the Observatory
    West Ardougne West Ardougne, Northwest corner
    Black Warriors Castle (wilderness) Black Warriors Castle (wilderness)
    South of the Ardougne Castle Clocktower, South of the Ardougne Castle
    Mcgrubors Wood Mcgrubor's Wood
    Sir Galahads house Sir Galahad's house, West of Mcgrubors Wood
    Hobgoblin area, west of the crafting guild Hobgoblin area, on the island outcropping West of the Crafting Guild
    Behind the anvil house in Yanille Behind the anvil house in Yanille
    West of the necromancers tower West of the necromancer's tower
    Building in west-Rimmington Building in west Rimmington
    Wizards tower south of Draynor Village Wizards tower South of Draynor Village

    NPC Locations

    In treasure trails you will some times get a clue saying something like "Speak to ....". This is a little list of the different npc's (non-player-controlled) that you can find on treasure trails. You can click on the link after each NPC's name to see a pop-up of picture of them.

    NPC Locations
    NPC Location
    Arhein [Pic] At the ship in Catherby
    Bartender [Pic] Blue Moon Inn, Varrock
    Bartender [Pic] Rusty Anchor, Port Sarim
    Black Heather [Pic] Wilderness Bandit Camp
    Donovan [Pic] Second floor, Sinclair Mansion (Northwest of Camelot)
    Doric [Pic] At the house with anvils, Northwest of Falador, just
    to the East of the gate to Taverley
    Gaius [Pic] Taverly, two-handed sword seller
    General Bentnoze [Pic] Goblin Village
    Hajedy [Pic] North Brimhaven, near the docks (ship to Ardougne)
    Hans [Pic] Lumbridge Castle
    Hazelmere [Pic] House on the green spiders island east of Yanille, second floor
    Jeed [Pic] Middle of Duel Arena, East of Al-Kharid
    Kangai Mau [Pic] Inside the Shrimp & Parrot Pub/Restaurant in Brimhaven
    Kebab Seller [Pic] Al-Kharid Kebab Store
    King Bolren [Pic] Centre of Tree Gnome Maze
    Lowe [Pic] Lowe's Archery Store, Varrock
    Luthas [Pic] Karamja Banana Plantation
    Murphy [Pic] Port Khazard
    Monk [Pic] Ardougne Clock Tower
    Ned [Pic] Draynor Village
    Oracle [Pic] Ice Mountain
    Party Pete [Pic] Party Hall, Seers' Village
    Roavar [Pic] Bar in Canifis
    Referee [Pic] Gnome-Ball course, Gnome Stronghold
    Sir Kay [Pic] Camelot Castle
    Squire [Pic] White Knights' Castle, Falador
    Tanner [Pic] Tanner in Al-Kharid, North of the furnace
    Ulizius [Pic] At the gate to Mort Myre Swamp in Morytania, Southwest of Canifis.
    Zeke [Pic] Al-Kharid, Scimitar shop
    Zoo Keeper [Pic] Ardougne Zoo


    Well, it's kind of hard to make a good guide for solving the puzzle boxes in treasure trails, since they always start randomly, but this might help you.

    • Do the first row (Red)

    • Do the second row (Yellow)

    • Do the third row (Green)

    • Get the 4 squares done (Blue)

    • Get the last 6 squares done (Purple)
    Puzzle Puzzle


    Riddles are primarily to test your Runescape knowledge. If you remember most of the stuff you have learnt through quests and other information, you shouldn't have a problem with these. However, since there are usually one or two things that might have slipped your mind, here's a list of the current riddles. They are in alphabetical order after the first letter in the riddle (example: "My name is..." is under M).

    **Note: When you go to some locations with chests or drawers, you may find that the chest/drawers is/are locked. If this happens, you will get a message giving you a hint about what to do next. The message might say "Beware of dog" or "It's guard's life" or something similar when you try to open the chest/drawers. If you get a message like this, just look for it in the list that follows. Remember to have your clue scroll with you, or else you will not get the key the monster drops.

    Numbers A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V X Y Z
    Riddle: Answer:
    46 is it's number
    My body is burnt orange colour
    and crawls with those with eight
    3 mouths I have yet I can not eat.
    My blinking blue eye
    hides my grave.
    Sapphire respawn, level 46 wilderness.
    'A bag belt only?'
    He asked his balding brothers
    Speak with Abbot Langley in the Monastery Northwest of Barbarian Village.
    Aggie I see
    Lonely and southern I feel
    I am neither inside nor outside
    the house, yet no house would
    be complete without me.
    Your treasure waits beneath me.
    Dig in Aggie's house in Draynor Village.
    A great view - watch the
    drying hides get splashed. check
    the box your say on.
    House Northeast of Baxtorian Falls, upstairs in one of the boxes.
    A town with a different sort of
    nightlife is your destination.
    Clothes shop in Canifis, search the boxes.
    **Beware of dog Go kill a guard dog to get the key for the chest.
    Come to the evil ledge
    Yew know you want to
    And try not to get stung
    Edgeville, dig East of the yew tree to the South.
    Citric Seller Speak to Heckel Funch, Grand Tree, owner of the gnome
    cocktail ingredients shop (upstairs to the East).
    **Don't forget to feed the chickens Kill some chickens to get the key for the drawers.
    Dig near some giant mushrooms behind the Grand Tree. Gnome Stronghold, dig on the West side of the bigger mushroom
    on the Northwest side of the Grand Tree.
    Four blades I have
    yet I draw no blood
    But I mash and turn
    my victims to powder
    Search in my head,
    search in my rafters
    Where my blades are louder
    Top of the windmill between Lumbridge and Draynor Village, search crate.

    **Find a bar with a centre fountain in it's city. Go upstairs and get changed.

    Blue Moon Inn in Varrock. Go upstairs and search the drawers.

    When you get to the drawers, you will find that they're locked, and there will be a message that says "Beware of Dog". Go to Handlemort Mansion in Ardougne (Southeast of the North bank) and kill a guard dog for the key to the drawers.

    Generally speaking,
    his nose was very bent
    Speak with General Bentnoze in the Goblin Village north of Falador.
    **Go the the village being attacked by trolls, search the drawers in one of the houses Dunstan's house (blacksmith) to the East of the Castle in Burthope. When you try to open the drawers, you'll find that they're locked and there will be a message that says "Wait til I get my hands on Penda, he's nicked the key again." Go to the pub just to the Southwest, and kill Penda for the key to the drawers.
    I am a token of the strongest love.
    My middle is empty, I have no
    beginning or end. My eye is red yet
    I can fit like a glove. Go to the
    place where money they lend. And
    dig by the gate to be my friend.
    Downstairs the West bank in Varrock, dig by the gate.
    Identify the back of this over-acting brother.
    [He's a long way from home.]
    Dueling Arena monk.
    If a man carried my burden
    he would break his back
    I am not rich
    but leave silver in my track
    speak to the keeper of this trail
    It's a snail, talk to the owner of the fish shop in Port Sarim.
    I lie lonely and forgotten
    in mid wilderness
    Where the dead rise from their beds
    Feel free to quarrel and wind me up
    And dig while you shoot their heads

    Go to the Graveyard of Shadows in the Wilderness and pick up the crossbow. Dig in the exact spot where the crossbow was.

    The Graveyard of Shadows is South of the Eastern Ruins and East of the Bandit Camp, where the zombies are. It is NOT the Forgotten Cemetary with the skeletons, or the Death Gorge where there is another crossbow respawn.

    In a village made of bamboo look for some crates under one of the houses. Tai Bwo Wannai Village

    **In a town with guards armed with maces, search the upstairs room of the public house.

    Drawers in the Ardougne Tavern's second floor, North of the Ardougne Castle.

    When you get to the drawers, you will find that they're locked and there will be a message that says "Beware of Dog". Go kill a guard dog for the key to the drawers (Handlemort mansion, Southeast of the North bank).

    **In a town where thieves steal from stalls, search for some drawers upstairs of a house near the bank.

    House south of the North bank in Ardougne, second floor, search the drawers.

    When you get to the drawers, you will find that they're locked and there will be a message that says "It's a guard's life". Go kill a guard for the key to the drawers.

    **In a town where wizards hang out search upstairs of the large house to the North

    House north of the Magic Guild in Yanille, second floor.

    When you get to the chest, you will find that it's locked, and there will be a message that says "Stand by your man". Go downstairs and kill the level 2 man to get the key for the chest.

    **It's a guard's life Kill a guard to get the key for the drawers.
    **Look for some locked drawers in the house opposite a workshop in a town where everyone has perfect vision.

    House South of the house with anvils in Seer's Village.

    When you get to the drawers, you will find that they're locked, and there will be a message that says "Don't forget to feed the chickens. Go kill a chicken (closet is in Hemenster, across from the Ranging Guild) to get the key for the drawers.

    Mine was the strangest birth under the sun.
    I left the crimson sack. Yet life had not begun.
    Entered the world and yet was seen by none.
    Dig at Red spiders eggs in the Karamja Volcano (dig)
    Must be full of railings. Crate near the Dwarf Cannon quest start.
    My Giant guardians below
    the market streets would
    be fans of rock and roll,
    if only they could grab hold of it.
    Dig near my green bubbles.
    Dig beside the Cauldron (big pot) in the Varrock sewers at the Moss Giants.
    My home is grey and made of stone
    A castle with a search for a meal
    Hidden in some drawers I am
    Across from a wooden wheel
    Drawers on the second floor of Lumbridge Castle, in the room with a spinning wheel.
    My name is like a tree,
    yet it is spelled with a "g"
    come see the fur
    which is right near me.
    Speak with Wilough (the child near Baerek the fur merchant) in Varrock Market.
    Often examined by learners of what has passed,
    find me where words of wisdom speak volumes.
    Examiner at the digsite.
    **Property of Black Heather Kill Black Heather in the Bandit Camp (wild) to get the key for the chest.
    **Property of the Clocktower Monastery Kill a monk at the Monastery just Southeast of the Clocktower to get the key for the chest.
    Read "How to breed scorpions." by O.W.Thathurt. Staff enchanter Thormac's tower South of Seers' Village. Search the bookcase on the 2nd floor.
    **Search the drawers upstairs in a house in a village where the pirates have a good time.

    House across from the bar in Brimhaven.

    When you try to open the drawers, you'll find that they're locked, and there will be a message that says "Shiver me timbers!". Go outside and kill a pirate to get the key for the drawers.

    Search the drawers on the first floor of a house overlooking Ardougne Market. House to the North of Ardougne Market, right behind the North silk stall. Go up the ladder to find the chest of drawers.
    Search the chest in the Duke of Lumbridge's bedroom. Upstairs in Lumbridge Castle, Duke Horacio's bedroom.
    Search the boxes in the goblin house near Lumbridge. The house where all the goblins are, Northeast of Lumbridge, next to the fishing spots.
    Search crates next to monks who like to paaaaarty. Monastery Southeast of the Clocktower. Search the crate inside against the South wall, in the East room.
    Search the crates near a cart in Varrock. On the Varrock Palace grounds, just East of the Palace entrance.
    Search the chests upstairs of shops in Port Sarim. Port Sarim Food Shop, upstairs.
    Search the tents in the Imperial Guard Camp in Burthorpe for some boxes. South part of Burthorpe, the most Northwestern tent where the Imperial Guards are training. Search the boxes.
    Search inside the drawers next to the spinning wheel in a building on the left side of the road walking to Hemenster. Seers' Village, 2nd house to the South across the street from the bank. Spinning wheel and drawers are upstairs.
    Search the crates in the Guard House of the Northern Gate of East Ardougne. The Guard House is just inside the most Eastern North gate (there are three North gates), a little to the East.
    Speak to a sailor in Port Sarim. Speak to Captain Tobias in Port Sarim, East of the Fishing Shop.
    Speak to the staff in Sinclair Mansion. Speak to Louisa the maid in Sinclair Mansion, North of Camelot Castle.
    **"Shiver me timbers!" Kill a pirate to get the key for the drawers.
    'Small Shoe' often found with rod on mushroom. Gnome trainer at the agility arena in the Gnome Stronghold.
    Snah? I feel all confused like one of those cakes... Speak with Hans in Lumbridge Castle.
    Someone watching the fights in the Duel Arena is your next destination. Speak to Jeed (female) in the middle of the Duel Arena East of Al-Kharid.
    **Stand by your man. Kill the man downstairs to get the key for the chest.
    Surprising? I bet he is... Talk with Sir Prysin on the first floor of Varrock Castle.
    The aviator is at the peak of his profession Gnome on White Wolf's mountain, at the gnome glider.
    The beasts to my east
    snap claws and tails
    The rest to my west
    can slide and eat fish
    The northern are silly
    and jump and wail
    Dig by my fire and make a wish
    Dig at the torch between the penguins and scorpions in Ardougne Zoo.
    The crate in the ground
    floor of a church
    is your next location.
    Crate next to the ladder in the church in Ardougne.
    The Keeper of Melzars...
    Spare? Skeleton? Anar?
    Speak with Oziach (the seller of rune plates), north of the Barbarian Village, west of Edgeville.
    There is no "worthier" lord. Lord Ierworth in the elven camp
    **Wait til I get my hands on Penda, he's nicked the key again Go to the bar Southwest of Dunstan's house and kill Penda for the key to the drawers.
    When no weapons are at hand, now it is time to reflect, in
    Saradomin's name! Redemption draws closer...
    Drawers in the house with glassblowing pipe spawn (on Entrana)

    **You'll need to look for
    a town with a central fountain
    Look for a locked chest in
    the town's chapel.

    Chest in Varrock chapel.

    When you get to the chest, you will see that it's locked, and there will be a message that says "Property of the Clocktower Monastery". Go to the Monastery just Southeast of the Clocktower and kill a monk for the key.
    You will need to look under a cook to solve this one. Search the crates in the Lumbridge Castle's basement


    In treasure trails you will sometimes to asked to search some crates, boxes or chests all over Runescape. Here's a list of the different places you may be asked to go to.

    Note: When you go to some locations with chests or drawers, you may find that the chest/drawers is/are locked. If this happens, you will get a message giving you a hint about what to do next. The message might say "Beware of dog" or "It's a guard's life" or something similar when you try to open the chest/drawers. If you get a message like this, just look for message in the list of Riddles above. Remember to have your clue scroll with you, or else you will not get the key the monster drops.

    Clue: Location:
    Crate, Lumbridge Castle Crate, Southern tower in the Lumbridge Castle. When you're standing outside and facing the Castle, it's inside the twoer on your left.
    Boxes, Lumbridge Boxes, house where all the goblins are, Northeast of Lumbridge.
    Chest, Al-Kharid Chest, second floor in Al-Kharid palace.
    Crate, Al-Kharid Crate, house with range in Northwest Al-Kharid. The house is directly East of the silk stall.
    Crate, Yanille Crate, ground floor of anvil house in Yanille.
    Drawers, ground floor, Yanille Drawers, house to the East of the pub in Yanille.
    Crate, house with piano, Yanille Crate, house to the North in Yanille.
    Drawers, Varrock Drawers, second floor of clothes shop in Varrock.
    Drawers, Taverly Drawers, Southernmost house, directly South of the fountain in Taverly.
    Drawers, Rimmington Drawers, upstairs in the house to the East (the house with the range).
    Crate, Varrock Crate, house South of the sword shop in Varrock.
    Crate, Seers' Village Crate, ground floor of the house to the North of the Altar in Seer's Village.
    Crate, Varrock Crate, Southeast of Varrock Castle.
    Crate, Port Khazard Crate, Crate, next to the cart on the East side of the General Store.
    Crate, Horvik's Armoury Crate, armour store in Varrock.
    Drawers, Gertrude Drawers, bedroom of Gertrude's house, just Southwest of Varrock West bank.
    Crate, Barbarian Crate, helmet shop in Barbarian Village.
    Crate, Port Sarim Crate, Port Sarim fishing shop
    Boxes, Imperial Guard Camp in Burthorpe Boxes, most Northwestern tent where the Imperial Guards are training in South Burthorpe
    Drawers, Burthorpe Drawers, house to the East of the blacksmith's house in Burthorpe.
    Crate, Varrock Castle Crate, in the kitchen of Varrock Palace.
    Crate, Varrock Crate, near cart to the East of Varrock Palace entrance.
    Crate, Falador Crate, house East of East bank in Falador.
    Drawers, Falador Drawers, upstairs in shield shop in Northern Falador.
    Drawers, Falador Drawers, chain mail shop in Southern Falador.
    Drawers, East part of Falador Drawers, upstairs in the first house East of the Mining Guild in Falador.
    Drawers, Catherby Drawers, archery store in Catherby.
    Chest, Camelot Chest, third floor in Camelot Castle's West tower.
    Crate, East Ardougne Crate, west of the spices stall in Ardougne.
    Crate, Draynor Manor Crate, top floor of Draynor Manor, near Professor Oddenstein from the Ernest the Chicken quest.
    Crate, East Ardougne Crate, general store in East Ardougne.
    Crate, East Ardougne Guard House Crate, inside the Guard House to the East of the most Eastern North gate in East Ardougne.
    Crate, East Ardougne Crate, Shed just to the North of the North bank.
    Drawers, East Ardougne Drawers, upstairs in the pub North of the Castle in East Ardougne.
    Drawers, On the road to Hemenster Drawers, upstairs in the 2nd house to the South across the street from the bank in Seers' Village.
    Crate, Hemenster Crate, house most to the North next to the fence in Hemenster.
    Boxes, Taverly Boxes, two-handed sword shop in the Northwest corner of Taverly.
    Chest, Dwarven Mine Chest, Southwest of the ladder in the cul-de-sac in the Dwarven Mine.
    Chest, Port Sarim Chest, upstairs in the food shop in Port Sarim.
    Drawers, Draynor Village Drawers, Northern-most house in Draynor Village.


    1. I'm on the right locations, but I cant find anything! How come?
      If it's a coordinates clue, make sure you have the sextant, chart, watch and clue in your inventory, or else you will not find anything when digging. Keeping these items in the bank doesn't work. If you never received a sextant, watch and chart, go see the Professor in the house North of the Observatory. Refer to the
      Coordinates section at the beginning of this guide for more information.

      If it's a normal clue, make sure you have your clue with you.

    2. I've been killing this monster for ages, and I STILL haven't gotten a clue! Why?
      First, check your inventory and bank. You will not get a clue scroll if you already have one in your bank/inventory, no matter how many monsters you kill.

      Also, make sure the monster you're killing actually drops clues. Check the Basics section at the beginning of this guide for a list of monters that drop clues. Otherwise, you'll just have to be patient! Clue drops are purely random; you may get 3 in one day by killing the same monster, or you may not get any for 3 weeks!

    3. What items are F2P?
      All the trimmed and god armour is F2P. Non-members can buy these items from members and wear them like any other armour. The other special items that come from treasure trails (boots, hats, headbands etc.) are P2P only.

    4. Can I have more than one clue at a time?
      No you can't. You cannot get another clue before you've either dropped or completed your current one. Monsters will not drop clues if you have one in your bank/inventory already.

    5. Does the ring of wealth help with clues?
      We have confirmed this with Jagex, and the Ring of Wealth does not make the drop rate of clues from monsters any higher, and it does not help you on the reward you receive when doing a Treasure Trail. The Ring of Wealth only increases the chances you'll get a better/rarer drop from the monsters you're killing.

    6. Can clue scrolls or the sextant, watch and chart be traded?

    7. Do I keep my clue scroll if I die?

    8. What do I do if I lose my sextant, watch or chart?
      If you lose your sextant, go back and ask Murphy in Port Khazard for another one. If you lose your watch, go speak to Brother Kojo at the Clocktower, and if you need another chart, go speak to the Professor in the house North of the Observatory.

    9. If I see someone drop a clue scroll, can I pick it up?
      No. Clue scrolls are not tradeable, nor can they be picked up from the ground if someone dies or drops it. Only the person that received the scroll in the first place can solve the treasure trail the scroll belongs to.

    10. I've tried speaking to the Professor over and over again about getting Treasure Trail help and the sextant, watch and chart, but all he talks about is his broken telescope and his planks. What's going on?
      First, you must have a coordinates clue with you when you first speak to the Professor. If you don't, he won't talk about treasure trails at all. If you have the coordinates clue with you, try examining the clue before you speak to him. If this doesn't work, then you must have started the Observatory quest at some time and not finished it. You should therefore finish the quest, then talk to the Professor again. Remember - if you choose the wrong option when you speak to him, that is, if you click on anything other than the Treasure Trails option, you end up starting the Observatory quest if you haven't started it yet.

    11. I know that members get trimmed armour from Treasure Trails, but I'm a non-member, and someone offered to trim my armour. How can I trim my armour myself?
      You can't trim armour. Members can't trim armour. Nobody can trim armour. There is no such skill as armour trimming. Trimmed armour, whether plain or gold, can only be obtained by completing a Treasure Trail. You can, however, purchase trimmed armour from other players, even if you're not a member.

      If anyone offers to trim your armour, or they tell you they're a member and armour trimming is a new member skill, don't believe it. It's a scam, and they will steal your armour. You should report the person by using the "Report Abuse" button at the bottom of your playing screen.

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