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Dungeon Maps
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Dungeon Maps

There are many dungeons all over the world where you can pit your wits against every monster imaginable. Some only have weak monsters while others have undefeatable monsters. They are listed below first by Kingdoms and then in alphabetical order. All the maps are to a 100% scale. Use these maps to explore the world, battle monsters and find treasure.

Misthalin & Morytania

Name Description
Draynor Sewer Small and cosy, and even has an anvil.
Edgeville Dungeon Vast and extensive, plenty to battle here.
Fenkenstrain Dungeon Mainly quest related, watch out for the experiments.
H.A.M Dungeon The hideout of the Humans Against Monsters cult.
Kalphite Dungeon In the Al-Kharid desert, this is a very dangerous place.
Lumbridge Caves Members only and contains slayer monsters and a mini-game.
Lost City The underground city of the fairies - also known as Zanaris.
Mining Camp Deep in the desert, hardly anyone comes here.
Myreque Dungeon A very interesting quest related dungeon.
Priest in Peril The 'gateway' through to Morytania lies here.
Pyramid Full of Mummies and Scarabs and more!
Slayer Tower In Canafis, you'll come here while you're slaying.
Smoke Dungeon In the Desert, this really is a 'hot' dungeon.
Sophanem Pyramid A smaller pyramind, mainly quest related.
Varrock Sewer In the capital of Misthalin, this is a medium sized dungeon.


Asgarnia & Islands

Name Description
Abyss A shorter if more dangerous way to perform your rune crafting needs.
Brimhaven Dungeon A huge selection of monsters for melee fighters in particular.
Crandor Isle A nice mix of monsters to battle and rocks to mine here.
Dwarven Mine Lots of dwarves and scorpions here, mainly used by miners.
Entrana Dungeon A dungeon on the Holy Island.
Ice Caves Useful because of the Ice Giants and Ice Warriors here.
Karamja Volcano Lots of Skeletons and Lesser Demons down here.
Marim Dungeon On the remote island of Ape Atoll.
Melzar's Maze Don't get confused in this four level maze.
Members' Dungeon Humongous and dangerous, lot of things to do here.
Rogues Den Where all the rogues, hoodlums and thieves hang out.



Name Description
Agility Dungeon The better your agility, the better this dungeon is for you.
Ardougne Sewer A small dungeon of rats in the city of Ardougne.
Blood Rune tower Plenty of Ogres and blood runes here.
Family Crest Dungeon Fight hellhounds or mine pure gold here.
Goblin Dungeon Adjacent to the fishing guild and full of goblins!
Ice Maze Very confusing, but you can find the Ice Queen at the end here.
Lighthouse Dungeon Packed full of Dagonnoths in a multi-combat area.
Observatory Dungeon You could easily lose your way here.
Ogre Enclave A cave within Gu'tanoth, the city of the Ogres near Yanille.
Shadow Dungeon Needs ring of visibility to enter.
Slayer Dungeon Next to the Golden Tree, many NPCs to slay here!
Temple of Ikov Great skeletons and Lesser demons to battle here.
Troll Stronghold Where else would the trolls be?
Underground Pass The massive underground cave passage to Tirannwn
Waterfall Dungeon Very popular due to the number of Fire Giants here.
Zogre Tomb Get your different Ogre bones here!



Name Description
Fire Giants' Can be very dangerous, yet very rewarding.
Lava Maze Lots of things to do and many monsters to battle here.
Lava Maze Underground Do you dare to venture this deep and risk your valuables?

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