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Woodcutting Guide


Woodcutting is a skill used to chop logs from trees. These logs are then usually used in fletching or firemaking. Simply click on a tree to chop it down. However, you will need to have the necessary axe in your inventory and a minimum woodcutting level.


Axes (Hatchets)

There are different types of axes for woodcutting. The better your axe, the higher your chance of getting logs from the tree.

Pic Name Cost Notes
Bronze Hatchet Bronze Hatchet 20gp You get this from tutorial isle, can be bought at Bob's axes in Lumbridge
Iron Hatchet Iron Hatchet 400gp Can be bought at Bob's axes in Lumbridge
Steel Hatchet Steel Hatchet 500gp Can be bought at Bob's axes in Lumbridge
Black Hatchet Black Hatchet 2,000gp Can not be smithed
Mithrill Hatchet Mithrill Hatchet 1,500gp -
Adamant Hatchet Adamant Hatchet 3,000gp -
Rune Hatchet Rune Hatchet 20,000gp -


There are several types of trees all over the RuneScape world, the grey rows in the table below indicate members only varieties.

Tree Pic Level Exp Info
Normal 1 25 This is what everybody starts on. This gives the only type of logs that can be used to fletch arrow shafts.
Achey 1 25 Part of the Big Chompy Bird Hunting Quest. Find more details in our Chompy Hunting guide.
Oak 15 37.5 The next step up from normal, these can be used to gain xp.
Willow 30 67.5 The most common tree apart from normal. used by many players for firemaking and fletching as it is not tooo hard to obtain and there is a good market for their logs.
Maple 45 100 Not a green tree! There are plenty of these around Seers' village.
Hollow 45 100 These are only found West of Canafis in Morytania. Their logs can not be used for firemaking or fletching. They are only used to make Splitbark Armour for Magicians.
Yew 60 175 Agood tree to cut down if you want to make money, for fletching and the best available for f2p players.
Magic 75 250 The rarest of trees - they even sparkle! Hard to chop down but very profitable for fletchers. You get them at the same rate whether you are level 75 or 99 woodcutting.

It is worth noting that normal regular trees are also seen around the world in two other different varieties as shown below. 'Dead' Trees and 'Evergreen' Trees. They give the same Exp as normal trees shown in the table above.


Random Events

As with many skills there are random events to stop people from cheating. Details can be found in our Random Events guide and include Tree Spirits, Ents and your axe breaking.



What is presented below, is information about the good locations for both f2p and p2p players regarding how to train and where to train at different levels.

Levels Locations
1-15 Chop normal trees anywhere in the world. Look for dense forests as these will be the most efficient locations.
16-30 Chop Oak trees at:
  • Four just East of Draynor bank.
  • South of Varrock.
  • Quite a few west of Catherby bank (p2p).
31-60 Willow trees at:
  • Four just West of Draynor bank.
  • Ten South of Rimmington.
  • North of Seer's bank (p2p).
61-75 Maple trees at:
  • Four North of Seer's bank (p2p).
  • A few outside the Legend's guild (p2p).
  • Four North of McGrubbor's wood by the railway (p2p).
  • South West of Sinclair's Mansion and on the road to the Fremenik province from Seer's village (p2p).
75-99 Yew trees at:
  • Three north of Varrock Palace.
  • Three south of Falador.
  • Four North of Rimmington.
  • Two South of Edgeville bank.
  • Four between Draynor and Lumbridge.
  • Four in the cemetary in Seer's village (p2p).
  • Six West of Catherby under the beehives (p2p).
  • Two south east corner of gnome village.
85-99 Magic trees at:
  • Four South of the Sorceror's tower (p2p).
  • Around the Ranged guild (p2p).
  • Gnome's stronghold (p2p).

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