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To begin Runecrafting, you must have completed the Rune Mysteries Quest. It's a fairly easy quest, and you'll most likely be able to complete it quickly. Once you've finished the quest, you can start Runecrafting. This skill doesn't require many tools - all you need is a pickaxe (any kind will do), and the talisman of the rune you want to craft. The locations of the Talismans and Altars are provided later in this guide.

To start with, you'll have to mine some rune essences. You can only do this in the special Runecrafting mining fields. To get to one of these you'll have to be teleported by one of the following people:

  • Wizard Sedridor on the lower level of the Wizard Tower South of Draynor Village.
  • Aubury in the rune shop in Varrock, just South of the East Bank.
  • Wizard Cromperty in East Ardougne, just to the Northeast of the Marketplace.
  • Wizard Distentor in the Magic Guild in Yanille.
  • The gnome Brimstail in a cave in the Tree Gnome Stronghold (North west of Ardougne). To find his cave, head Northwest in the Stronghold until you see a small bridge on the West side of the Stronghold. Brimstail's cave is inside a large hollow rock a little to the East of that bridge.

Once you get teleported you'll find yourself in a cave-like mining area. You'll see lots of rocks, some of which you can mine. You can figure out which ones can be mined by moving your cursor over the rocks, or by right-clicking your mouse. When you find a rock that can be mined, you can get some rune essences. Once you've gotten the number of essences you want, look for the portal to leave the mining area. There is a portal in each corner of the rune essence mine. You can bank your essences then go back for more, or go straight to the Altar to convert the essences into runes.

If you're a little too lazy to mine the essences yourself or can't be bothered, you can buy multiple essences or essence notes from other players. Also, Banshees (level 23) in the Slayer Tower North of Canifis also drop rune essence notes, 13 at a time.


When you finish the Rune Mysteries Quest, you will receive an air talisman as a reward. Talismans are used to change your rune essences into runes. So when you get that first talisman, can you guess what kind of runes you can make? That's right! The air talisman allows you to make your very own air runes! To make other kinds of runes, you need the talisman the rune corresponds to, and the level to craft them.

You won't find any talismans just lying around Runescape, though. There are a couple of ways to get them, but the easiest and most popular way is to kill monsters. Some talismans are easy to get, while others are extremely hard to get. Here's a table of which monsters you can kill to get the different talismans.

  • All Abyssal monsters drop several different types of Talismen. See the Abyss section of this guide for more info.
Pic Name Monsters that drop
Air Talisman Air Goblins, Wizards
Mind Talisman Mind Imps, Wizards and Dark Wizards
Water Talisman Water Wizards and Dark Wizards
Earth Talisman Earth Men, Women, Wizards, Dark Wizards, Al Kharid Warriors Rogues Lesser Demons and Greater Demons
Fire Talisman Fire Wizards, Skeletons and Dark Wizards
Body Talisman Body Guards, Wizards, Dark Wizards and Giants
Cosmic Talisman Cosmic Mysterious Men and Lesser Demons. Also obtainable from caskets when big-net fishing.
Chaos Talisman Chaos Hobgoblins, Skeletons, Ice Warriors, Shadow Warriors, Lesser Demons, Hill giants and Fire giants
Nature Talisman Nature Hobgolins, Jogres, Moss Giants, Green Dragons and Zombie (lvl 120, random event)
Law Talisman Law Reward for completing the Troll Stronghold Quest


A Tiara serves the same purpose as a Talisman, it will allow you to access a Runecrafting Altar. The advantage is that you can wear it on your head instead of holding it and so you save an extra space in your inventory, allowing you to Runecraft more runes per trip. A basic Tiara is crafted from one silver bar, see our crafting guide. You can then enchant this to allow you to access the altar of your choice.

To enchant a Tiara, take a Talisman to it's altar. The altar locations have been mentioned above. Use your Talisman with your Tiara there to bind them together. You will lose your Talisman, but now you have a very useful piece of head gear. The different Tiaras are shown below as well as the Runecrafting experience you recieve when you enchant them.

Pic Tiara Exp
Air 25
Mind 27.5
Water 30
Earth 32.5
Fire 35
Body 37.5
Cosmic 40
Chaos 42.5
Nature 45
Law 47.5


So now you have some rune essences and a talisman. The next step is to find the altar. The talisman not only looks pretty cool, it's also a compass. Each talisman has been designed to find the altar to which it belongs. This means that the air talisman will find the Air Altar for you, the Chaos Talisman will lead you to the Chaos Altar, and so on. To use the compass feature, right-click on the talisman and select the "locate" option. The talisman will tell you in which direction to walk to get to the Altar. Keep using the "locate" option until you arrive at the Altar.

When you arrive at the "Mysterious Ruins" that houses the Altar, use your talisman on the ruins by right-clicking on the talisman and selecting "Use talisman". Then click on the ruins. Doing this will teleport you inside to the Altar. When you're inside, walk towards the middle to find the Altar. When you find the Altar, click on it to convert all the blank essences in your inventory into runes. This does not work with rune essence notes - so be sure you have actual rune essences with you to make your runes. When you're done, find the exit portal and enter it. You'll be teleported back outside.

For those of you that need help in finding the Altars, or if you prefer not to find them on your own using the talisman, the chart below provides the location of each Altar:

Name Location Map
Air Altar Northeast of the Crafting Guild, South of Falador. Air Map
Mind Altar Between Goblin Village and Dwarven Mountain. Mind Map
Water Altar Lumbridge Swamps, near the Lost City Portal. Water Map
Earth Altar Northeast of Varrock, near the JollyBoar Inn. Earth Map
Fire Altar Al Kharid desert, South of the mining area. Fire Map
Body Altar South of the Monastery, between Barbarian Village and Dwarven Mountain. Body Map
Cosmic Altar Southern part of Lost City. Cosmic Map
Chaos Altar Wilderness level 9, South of the Dark Warriors Castle. Click here for a map of the maze Chaos Map
Nature Altar North of Shilo Village, in Karamja Jungle. Nat Map
Law Altar Northern part of Entrana. Law Map

The Runes

The Runes
Pic Name RuneCrafting lvl. RuneCrafting exp. Mining exp.
Air Talisman Air 1 5 5
Mind Talisman Mind 2 5,5 5
Water Talisman Water 5 6 5
Earth Talisman Earth 9 6,5 5
Fire Talisman Fire 14 7 5
Body Talisman Body 20 7,5 5
Cosmic Talisman Cosmic 27 8 5
Chaos Talisman Chaos 35 8,5 5
Nature Talisman Nature 44 9 5
Law Talisman Law 54 9,5 5

Multiple runes per essence

As your Runecrafting level increases, you'll be able to craft more than 1 rune per essence. Here's a table to show you at what level you'll get more runes from your essences. However, remember that you'll still only get Runecrafting experience for each essence you convert into runes, not for each rune you make. This means that, if you're level 33 Runecrafting, for example, and you get 4 air runes for 1 essence, you'll still only get 5 experience for making those 4 air runes.

Multiple runes
Pic Name Lvl for 2x Lvl for 3x Lvl for 4x Lvl for 5x Lvl for 6x Lvl for 7x Lvl for 8x
Air Talisman Air 11 22 33 44 55 66 77
Mind Talisman Mind 14 28 42 56 70 84 98
Water Talisman Water 19 38 57 76 95 - -
Earth Talisman Earth 26 52 78 - - - -
Fire Talisman Fire 35 70 - - - - -
Body Talisman Body 46 92 - - - - -
Cosmic Talisman Cosmic 59 - - - - - -
Chaos Talisman Chaos 74 - - - - - -
Nature Talisman Nature 91 - - - - - -
Law Talisman Law - - - - - - -

Combination Runes

Runecrafters have the ability of combining two different elemental runes to fuse into one new "combination" rune. These will act like both of their composite runes, and can save inventory space; especially useful to Mages PKing. Read below for instructions on how to make these runes.

You will need to being the Talisman and Rune of one composite element to the Altar of the other composite element. You will also need an equal number of rune essences. Taking the example of a 'Lava' rune which is made from Earth and Fire runes, you will need to go to either the Earth altar or the Fire altar.

  • Going to the Earth altar, you will need to bring a Fire talisman, and an equal amount of Fire runes and blank essences.
  • Going to the Fire altar, you will need to being an Earth talisman and an equal amount of Earth runes and blank essences.

Once you are at the altar, use your talisman on it as usual and you will convert your composite element runes and your essences into an equal number of combination runes. Doing this will use up your original runes, your essences, and your talisman! Combining runes only has a 50% chance of success, but you can increase this to 100% by wearing a Necklace of Binding which allow you to make 15 combination runes before running out. This necklace is made by enchanting an Emerald necklace (lvl 27 magic), see our crafting guide.

Combination Runes
Pic Rune Made from Level Exp
Mist Air & Water 6 8
Dust Air & Earth 10 8.3
Mud Water & Earth 13 9.3
Smoke Air & Fire 15 9.5
Steam Water & Fire 19 10
Lava Earth & Fire 23 10.5

The Abyss

The Abyss is a medium (another dimension if you like) that provides quicker access to the Runecrafting altars, but at a greater risk. To gain access to the Abyss, you will have to do a favour for the Zamorak Mage located north of Edgeville by the river (lvl 5 wilderness). He asks you to speak to him at the Chaos Altar in Varrock. This is the one in the south east corner of Varrock, meet him there.

He wants you to get the Rune Essence Teleport spell for him and gives you a Scrying Orb. You must teleport to the Essence Mine from three different locations (mentioned above) and then give him back your Orb. Just teleport there and go out, then go to your next location and repeat. Once you give him your Orb and complete the task, you will recieve an Abyssal Book, a small pouch and 1,000 Runecrafting xp. The main reward that you want is access to the Abyss - you can enter just by talking to the Mage located north of Edgeville or right clicking on him and choosing 'Teleport'.

Click to go to the map of the Abyss

Once you enter the Abyss, you are instantly skulled and your prayer is drained to zero. The area is a multi-combat area and infested with Abyssal monsters as detailed below. Killing these monsters only gives one third of the xp you regularly recieve from killing other monsters, so this is not a good training area. The middle circular area of the Abyss has 'rifts' through which you can exit through to different Runecrafting portals. For example, you can exit through the Fire rift to go to the Fire altar. The different rifts are shown on the above map. You do not have to wear a Tiara or holding a Talisman to go through a rift.

Abyssal Monsters
Leech (lvl 41) Guardian (lvl 59) Walker (lvl 81)

Pouches can be obtained as drops from these monsters and allow you to carry many Rune Essence in them. The bigger the size of the pouch, the higher the Runecrafting skill that is needed to use them. The Abyssal monsters also drop Elemental Talismen which can be used to access the Air, Water, Earth and Fire Altars. However it can not be crafted onto a Tiara.

Pic Name Holds RC level
Small Pouch 3 Essence 1
Medium Pouch 6 Essence 25
Large Pouch 9 Essence 50
Giant Pouch 12 Essence 75

Tips & Tricks

There are different methods and tactics you can use to train your Runecrafting more effectively and more quickly. This section of the guide will explain some of these methods.

  • Water rune crafting
    As the location of the Water Altar is in the middle of the Lumbridge swamp, the nearest bank is at Draynor Village. Coincidentally, the Amulet of Glory can also teleport you there as well. Hence, the best tactic when runecrafting Water runes is to withdraw your essences from the bank in Draynor Village and then proceed to the Altar with your Tiara or Talisman. Craft your essences there and use your Amulet to teleport back to Draynor Village. Everytime you need to recharge your Amulet/s, it would be wise to use a Games Neckalce which is made from Gold and a Sapphire. More info in our
    Crafting guide.
  • Fire rune crafting
    Both of the below methods require you to use Duelling Rings. These are made using Emeralds and Gold, more info can be found in our
    crafting guide. The first method also requires the use of an Amulet of Glory. Info on that can be found in our Crafting guide as well as our Getting Around Guide.
    1. Start out with an Amulet of Glory and a Duelling Ring. Use your ring to teleport to the Duel Arena. The Fire Altar is a short walk from there and you can runecraft your essences. Then use your Amulet to teleport to Edgeville bank where you can withdraw more essences and repeat the process.
    2. A similar idea to the first tactic but slightly different. Use a Duelling Ring to teleport to the Duel Arena and craft your essences at the Fire Altar there. Then use your ring again to teleport to the Castle Wars location and use the bank chest there to withdraw more essences. As the ring has 8 uses, each ring will last you 4 trips so it would be wise to stock up on as many rings as you need for the number of essences you have.
  • Nature rune crafting
    The Nature Altar is located in the Karamja Jungle and is just north of Shilo Village. The exact location is shown on a map earlier in the guide. Because it is lcoated in such a remote place, there are a few different tactics to choose from if you are going to runecraft Natures.
    1. Using the Shilo Village bank is the simplest way. Withdraw your essences, walk around the village from the West side and cross the bridge, then proceed to the altar and craft your essences. Don't forget either your Talisman or your Tiara. Walk back again using the same path to the bank in the village. This is a very time consuming method and few players use it. See our world map for exact locations.
    2. This method involves the General store in the nearby Tai Bwo Wannai village just north west of the altar. This process is simple and does not require the use of a bank. Initially, have all the essence that you want to runecraft in your inventory in noted form. You will also need a certain amount of gp, roughly 6 gp per essence. You sell some essences to the General store because you have it in noted form and can't runecraft it. Then you buy it back from the General store and it is un-noted so you can now walk to the altar and runecraft your Natures. Once you're done, walk back to the General store and start the process again.
    3. This last method utlises the Gnome Glider system. Read up on this in our Getting Around guide, you need to have completed the Grand Tree Quest to use it. Starting out at the Al-Kharid bank, withdraw your essences, walk to the glider just north from there and take the flight to the Grand Tree. From there, take the flight to the Karamja. You can then walk to the altar from here via the bridge north west from where you landed from the glider. Once you have crafted your essences, you have 4 options. (a) Use your Amulet of Glory to teleport back to Al-Kharid and start the process over again. (b) Use your Amulet of Glory to teleport to Edgeville to withdraw more essences and then teleport to Al-Kharid to take the glider. (c) Use your Duelling ring to teleport to Al-Kharid and repeat the process. (d) Use your ring of Duelling to teleport to Castle wars to withdraw more essences and then teleport to Al-Kharid to take the glider. Whatever your choose, happy Nature rune crafting.
  • Power Runecrafting
    This is the fastest method to runecraft any type of rune but however, it has the associated risks of using the Abyss. The Abyss is the medium you will use to travel to your altar of choice faster than conventional method and more info about the Abyss was provided earlier in the guide. The steps involved are explained below:
    1. You will be going up to level 5 wilderness and travelling through the Abyss so it is best to wear some armour. Mage PKers often try to Entangle/Teleblock people as you are on your way to the Abyss so a good choice would be Dragonhide armour, a helmet and a Ring of Life just in case. Boots of Lightness from Temple of Ikov are also an advtange to reduce your weight.
    2. Start at Edgeville bank and fill your inventory with as many essences as you can. If you have pouches, use as many as you can. You can only have one of each type at any one time. Note that you will not need a Talisman or Tiara to access your altar of choice later on.
    3. Walk to the Zamarok Mage in level 5 wilderness north from Edgeville and select the 'Teleport' option to be taken to the Abyss. Get to the center of the abyss using which ever method you like. To save inventory space, the best options are using your Thieving to 'distract the eyes' or your Agility to 'Squeeze through a gap'. Once inside, choose the appropriate rift to take 'Exit through portal' to the Altar of your choice.
    4. Runecraft your essences at the altar. If you have brought some pouches as well, empty these and and runecraft those extra essences.
    5. Now you teleport back to Edgeville to start the process over again. You can either use your Amulet of Glory or the Paddewwa teleport spell from the Ancient Magicks that you recieve as a reward from the Desert Treasure quest.
  • General Tips
    1. Wearing the Boots of Lightness while runecrafting is an advantage as it reduces your wieght and allows you to run for longer periods of time. You can read about how to get them in the Temple of Ikov quest guide although you do not have to do the quest.
    2. When mining essences, it is advisable to wield only a pickaxe and wear nothing to keep your weight to a minimum so you can run longer.
    3. Whenever you are runecrafting at any Altar, if you have pouches - use them! They allow you to carry more essences per trip and hence save you time in the long run. Information about pouches can be found earlier in the guide.

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