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Prayer Guide


The skill we know as prayer can be very advantageous. By calling upon the Gods of Runescape, one can perform such acts as regeneration, superhuman strength and invulnerability to magic, combat and ranging. The ability to call upon these gods must be trained however, and that is the art of prayer. For the higher your prayer level, the greater your advantages.

To use a prayer, open the prayer menu and a list of prayers will open. Click on the prayer you want to activate. If you want to turn it off again, simply click on it one more time.

Prayer that your able to use Prayer that you have the level to use.
Prayer that is in use Prayer that is in use.
Prayer that is in use Prayer that you dont have the level to use.

Each of the prayers can be turned on or off individually. When you use a prayer, you are given an advantage depending on the prayer you choose to use. However, you can only use one prayer spells for each skill at a time. For instance you can have 'superhuman strength' (raises strength) and 'incredible reflexes' (raises attack) at the same time, but you cannot use 'improved reflexes' and 'incredible reflexes' simultaneously, since they both increase your attack.


Spells & Drain Rates

When using a prayer, your prayer level will slowly drain. When your prayer is drained to zero, all prayers will be deactivated and you will need to recharge at an altar to use another prayer. The rate at which it drains depends on the prayer, and the equipment you are wearing.

List Of Prayers
Pic Level Name Description
Thick Skin 1 Thick Skin Increases your defence by 5%.
Burst of Strength 2 Burst of Strength Increases your strength by 5%
Clarity of Thought 7 Clarity of Thought Increases your attack by 5%
Rock Skin 10 Rock Skin Increases your defence by 10%
Superhuman Strength 13 Superhuman Strength Increases your strength by 10%
Improved Reflexes 16 Improved Reflexes Increases your attack by 10%
Rapid Restore 19 Rapid Restore 2x restore rate for all stats except hitpoints and prayer.
Rapid Heal 22 Rapid Heal 2x restore rate for hitpoints
Protect Items 25 Protect Items Keep 1 extra item if you die
Steel Skin 28 Steel Skin Increases your defence by 15%
Ultimate Strength 31 Ultimate Strength Increases your strength by 15%
Incredible Reflexes 34 Incredible Reflexes Increases your attack by 15%
Protect from Magic 37 Protect from Magic Protection from magical attacks
Protect from Missiles 40 Protect from Missiles Protection from ranged attacks
Protect from Melee 43 Protect from Melee Protection from close attacks

Higher prayer gives the advantage of being able to use prayers for longer periods of time, an advantage that is invaluable when it comes to dueling/player killing and when training.

There are armors and weapons that add bonuses to prayer which help slow the drain rate.

List Of Armors And Weapons ThatHelps Prayer
Name Type Of Item Prayer Bonus Obtained From
Priest Robe Chest +3 Varrock Clothes Shop.
Priest Robe (bottom) Legs +3 Varrock Clothes Shop.
Robe of Zamorak Chest +3 Dropped by Iban disciples, Necromancers.
Robe of Zamorak (bottom) Legs +3 Dropped by Iban disciples, Necromancers.
Shade Robe Chest +5 Droped By Shade.
Shade Robe (bottom) Legs +4 Droped By Shade.
Druid Robe Chest +4 Dropped by druids.
Druid Robe (bottom) Legs +4 Dropped by druids.
Monk’s Robe Chest +6 Obtained in prayer guild.
Monk’s Robe (bottom) Legs +5 Obtained in prayer guild.
Bronze Mace Weapon +1 Flynn’s Mace shop in North Falador.
Iron Mace Weapon +1 Flynn’s Mace shop in North Falador.
Steel Mace Weapon +2 Flynn’s Mace shop in North Falador.
Mithril Mace Weapon +3 Flynn’s Mace shop in North Falador.
Adamant Mace Weapon +3 Flynn’s Mace shop in North Falador.
Runite Mace Weapon +4 Champion’s Guild.
Dragon Mace Weapon +5 Hero’s Guild.
Amulet Of Glory Amulet +3 Level 80 crafting to make.
Blessed Holy Symbol Amulet +8 Mould can be purchased in Al Kharid crafting store. It is 16 crafting to make and Brother Jerrod in the prayer guild will bless. It can also be blessed with Saradomin Prayerbook
Unholy Symbol of Zamorak Amulet +8 Talk to ghost after finishing the Observatory Quest to obtain mould. It is 16 crafting to make, and the ghost will bless the symbol. It can also be blessed with Zamorak Prayerbook.
Wolfbane Weapon +5 You get this from completing the Priest in Peril quest.

To recharge your prayer points when it they have run out, simply find an altar. Altars are found all over the map, mainly in churches.

Praying at an altar



To train prayer, all you have to do is bury bones. The different types of bones are:

List Of Bones
Exp. Name Dropped by
4,5 Bones/Wolf Bones Dropped by most NPC’s/Wolfs.
4,5 Burnt Bones Found in the wilderness near the Greater demons.
5 Monkey Bones Dropped by monkeys.
5,33 Bat Bones (Members) Dropped by giant bats.
15 Big Bones/Jogre Bones Dropped by ogres, jogres and all giants.
30 Baby Blue Dragon Bones (Members) Dropped by Baby Blue Dragons.
72 Dragon Bones (Members) Dropped by all dragons.

Protection Prayers

The 3 protection prayer (Protect from Melee, Protect from Missiles and Protect from Magic) are very important. They allow you 100% protection from NPC attacks. When in use, a little icon will appear above your head.

These prayers can be invaluable when you are in a tight spot, or when you are training. A good training technique against high level monsters that typically do a lot of damage is to wear equipment that gives excellent prayer bonuses such as the mace, monk’s robes and the holy symbol, and use protect against melee. Your prayer will drain quite slowly and last a while. Bring prayer potions to keep your prayer from draining totally.

However, in the wilderness and the dueling arena, the protection prayers work differently. Instead of 100% protection, they protect you 50%, while raising the amount of times you block your opponent’s attack. They are a great advantage, and can save your life in tight spots.


Training spots

Prayer is by far the hardest skill to train up, and it was the last of the old skills that anyone got 99 in. To help you out, we've gathered a few of the best places to train. The best place is with no doubt the wilderness bone respawn. Go north from Varrock and stop at around level 26-27, there is 25+ normal bones respawns, 6 big bone respawns, and also some skeletons you can kill just for the fun of it. If you don't like the wilderness, the Egdeville dungeon giants is also a very good place, these drop big bones, and are most likely some of the best for f2p'ers. For p2p'ers some of the good places include the blue and baby blue dragons in the members dungeon, and the ogres in the blood rune chest dungeon. Another good place for p2p'ers are the shades in mort'ton. You get some good experience from burning the shades there, and you'll get a lot of good rewards when killing the shades. More information can be found here.



After completing the Ghosts Ahoy quest, the Ectofunctus can be used to train prayer using the same method that was used to get ecto-tokens in the quest. The process is very simple, though tedious due to all of the walking, but the experience gained per bone is far greater than simply burying them. The items required are pots, buckets, bones, and Amulet of Ghostspeak.

Ecto-token method items

Just to the north of Ghost Village (located East of Canifis in the Haunted Woods) is a tower. Located in the center of this tower is an alter called "Ectofunctus". Prayer experience is gained by worshipping at the Ectofunctus altar. To do this you must have a pot of ground bones and a bucket of Ectoplasm.

  • Ground Bones
    On the north wall of the second floor is a bone grinder. First, use your bones with the bone grinder (be careful not to bury them instead!), then left click on the Grinder to "Wind" it, and finally right click on the grinder and select "Empty Grinder" or use an empty pot on the grinder to fill it with ground bones. Repeat this process for as many bones as you have.
  • Bucket of Ectoplasm
    Back on the ground floor of the tower is a trapdoor. Go down the trap door and move to the far side of the circular tunnel to the stairs. Go down the stairs. You will need to repeat this process for two more levels to reach the pool of slime at the bottom level. Use your empty buckets on the pool of slime to receive a bucket of Ectoplasm.
  • Worshipping
    Go to the ground floor again and left click on the Ectofunctus to worship it. This can be done twelve times before you have to talk to a Ghost Disciple to recieve your Ecto-tokens. After doing so, continue worship.

Note that the Amulet of Ghostspeak must be worn at all times in oder to speak with the ghosts. Ectofunctus gives 4 times more xp than burying the bones. So some of the xp values of the more commonly bones used are shown below, but the formula applies to all bones.

Ectofunctus xp values
Bone EXP
Bones/Wolf Bones/Burnt Bones 18
Bat bones 21.33
Big Bones/Jogre Bones 60
Baby Blue/Red Dragon Bones (Members) 120
Dragon Bones (Members) 288

The whole process involves quite a bit of walking and so it rather time consuming. Below is a good strategy to use to save some time. You will need to wear a ghost amulet and an enchanted emerald ring. Start by taking a filled Ectophial, nine buckets, nine pots and nine bones of your choosing.

  1. Teleport to the Ectofunctus temple by emptying your Ectophial.
  2. Use the Ectophial on the Ectofunctus to "recharge" it.
  3. Grind the bones in the bone grinder.
  4. Go down to the third level to fill up your buckets with Ectoplasm.
  5. Teleport back up to the top of the temple by emptying your Ectophial.
  6. Use the Ectophial on the Ectofunctus to "recharge" it.
  7. Worship the Ectofunctus nine times.
  8. Collect your tickets from the Ghost Disciple.
  9. Take off your ring and teleport to the Castle Wars arena. Bank. Repeat

Prayer books

First off, you can start collecting your prayer books by completing the Horror of the Deep quest. Once you've completed the quest, you can choose between Saradomin, Guthix and Zamorak. Of cause you can get all three books, so you won't have to stay with the one you choose here, by I'll get back to that. When you first get the book it will just be called 'Damaged book'. You need to add 4 pages to your book completed and make it ready for use. The prayer books are wielded in the shield spot.

The pages you get from treasure trails, you can get the pages from all three levels of trails. When you get the page, you'll just need to use it on your damaged book. If you which to see which pages you're still messing for your book, you can simply right click on it, and choose 'check'. Pages are tradable, so you can get them without doing trails. Look below to see which colours the different Gods have.

When you've completed your first book, you can go to Jossik at the first floor of the lighthouse north of the Barbarian Outpost and get another book of a different God. You need to have the book completed though, he won't give offer you a new one unless you have the other(s) completed. A new book will cost you 5000 gp.

Alternatively, you can use Prayer Books to bless your symbols (see our crafting guide for more information). Guthix and Saradomin Prayer books can enchant Holy Symbols. Zamarok Prayer books can enchant Unholy Symbols.

Prayer books
Picture Name Stats
Holy Book of Saradomin Torn Page Holy Book of Saradomin Holy Book (Saradomin) +8 Slash/Stab/Crush Defense
+8 Magic Defense
+8 Range Defense
+5 Prayer Bonus
Book of Balance Torn Page Book of Balance Book of Balance (Guthix) +4 Slash/Stab/Crush Attack
+4 Magic Attack
+4 Range Attack
+4 Slash/Stab/Crush Defense
+4 Magic Defense
+4 Range Defense
+5 Prayer Bonus
Unholy Book of Zamorak Torn Page Unholy Book of Zamorak Unholy Book (Zamorak) +8 Slash/Stab/Crush Attack
+8 Magic Attack
+8 Range Attack
+5 Prayer Bonus

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