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Mining Guide


Mining is the process of using a Pick Axe to obtain ores from rocks. The higher your Mining level, the better the rock you can mine - to obtain a more valuable ore. You should have your pickaxe in your inventory, or even wield it, and then click on a rock. These 'rocks' have different colors depending on the ore they can give, but a 'rock' is a small cluster of three rock images (see picture below). Rocks can be found at 'mining sites' all over the world. You can view maps of mining sites in our maps section. You can right click on the rock clusters and prospect to see which type of ore it contains. When you click on a rock to mine it, you will see your character swinging at the rock until he/she gets an ore.


You can obtain different Pick Axes from Nurmof the Dwarf, who sells them in the Dwarven Mine. The better the Pick Axe, the quicker you will obtain the ore from the rock. Usually you will wield your pickaxe so that you can carry a full pack of ore. However, sometimes you might want to wield another weapon and just have your pickaxe in your inventory. For example, if you are superheating ores and wielding your fire staff, or mining in the wilderness and wielding your sword. Below is a table of the different Pick Axes.

Pick Axes
Pic Name Mining Level to Wield Price to Buy Repair Cost
Bronze pick Bronze Pick Axe 1 1 gp Free
Iron Pick Iron Pick Axe 1 137 gp Free
Steel pick Steel Pick Axe 6 500 gp 17 gp
Mithril Pick Axe 21 1,300 gp 43 gp
Adamant Pick Axe 31 3,200 gp 107 gp
Rune pick Rune Pick Axe 41 32,000 gp 1100 gp

The Repair cost is how much you pay for repair if your piackaxe splits while mining. More information about this in our Random Events guide.


Mining Ores

And here is a list of the rocks you can mine and their details.

Mining Ores
Rock Name Level to Mine Exp. Notes
Rune Essence Rune
1 5 Used in Rune Crafting to make Runes.
Clay Clay 1 5 Used in low level Crafting to make Pottery.
Copper Copper 1 17.5  
Tin Tin 1 17.5  
Blurite Blurite 10 17.5 Used in the Knight's Sword Quest. Untradeable.
Limestone Limestone 1 26.5 Used for quests. Might be used when Carpentry is released
Iron Iron 15 35 A very versatile Ore - used to make Iron and Steel Bars.
Silver Silver 20 40 Used in Crafting to make Holy & Unholy Symbols.
Coal Coal 30 50 There is always a high demand for this Ore - used in all high level smelting & smithing.
Gold Gold 40 65 Used in Crafting to make rings, necklaces and amulets.
Coal Gems 40 65 You can get any gem.
Mith Mithril 55 80  
Addy Adamant 70 95  
Rune Runite 85 125  


Often you can obtain Gems when mining. These give 65 exp towards your mining level, but the ore will remain in the rock. These gems can be used in the Crafting skill to make Jewelry. Refer to our crafting guide for more details. Wearing an Amulet of Glory (members only) will increase your chance of mining a gem significantly. There is also a special collection of 'gem rocks' in Shilo Village which give specific gems you can mainly get from there, or other sources such as from the H.A.M people. The various gems obtainable are shown below (note: Dragonstone is members only and cannot be mined):

Normal gems
Sapphire Emerald Ruby Diamond Dragonstone
Sapphire Emerald Ruby diamond Dragon

Shilo gems
Opal Jade Red topaz
Opal Jade Red Topaz

Miscellaneous Info

A few more things to explain about the skill of mining:

  • Your character will continue swinging until he/she gets an ore. If someone else is mining the rock and the color changes to gray - it means the other person got the ore. You should move on to another rock or wait till the ore respawns in the rock and the color re-appears.
  • Mining Coal is a good business to getting some cash as it is always in demand by smiths around the world, because it is required in all medium and high level smithing.
  • The Mining Guild is an area restricted for players with a mining level over 60. It is an extended area in the Dwarven Mine and has many coal rocks as well as a few Mithril. For more details, refer to the Dwarven Mine map.
  • You can buy a 'Dwarven Stout' to drink from the Inn in Falador. This will raise your mining and smithing by one level for a couple of minutes.


Now, as for how to level - If you are very dedicated, you can get 85 mining in two months, maybe one and a half. Remember, if you want to level very fast, get on a server with a lot of people. The rocks will spawn faster on a busier world, and if you get a place to yourself, you will be able to mine very fast. Also, remember that your Pick Axe type affects how well you mine. Always use the highest level Pick Axe that you can.

There are many who advocate "dropping ore" to level faster. In reality, it takes about 1 minute to drop a full load of ore. If you are mining for level and pick a location as recommended below, you will find that you can RUN to a bank and deposit the ore in about half a minute or less. The return trip will also take half a minute, so you end up using the same amount of time, but benefit by having banked the ore. Also, banking the ore requires considerably less clicking. Once RUN (energy) runs out, you might want to drop a few loads while it regenerates.

Alternatively, you can drop the ores you mine while you wait for the rock to respawn. For example if you are focusing on a cluster of three iron rocks, you could mine the three and then drop them while they respawn. Then continue the cycle.

Levels Information
1-20 Copper and Tin ore will be the only ores you can mine easily.
  • For f2p, the ores at the mines south east of Varrock are the closest to the bank. Just a note, if you mine equal copper and tin ores and smelt/smith them, you can get 14 or 15 smithing with only 20 mining levels.
  • The Port Khazard mines on p2p has 3 each copper and tin ore spawns and a nearby bank in Yanille (to the south west).
  • If you don't want to bank the ore, you can either drop what you get or sell to a general store. Dropping can happen anywhere, but the closest general store to a mine is the Rimmington mines. You can make some good money there.

When do you change from Tin/Copper to Iron? You will want to monitor this from time to time, but the principle is easy. Since Tin/Copper give half the exp pts per ore as Iron does, you will want to switch to mining Iron for experience when you get the Iron ore in double or less the swings as it takes you for Tin/Copper. For instance, if it takes you on average 2 swings to get the Tin/Copper but 4 for Iron, then switch to Iron -- your exp pts per hour will be the same. If the iron takes only, on average, 3 swings, then it will be faster experience per hour.

20-60 This is where you will have the most competition. Iron will be -- hands down -- the fastest way to gain experience, but many people are mining it as well.
  • The Hobgoblin Mines have 27 iron ore spawns. It is in the wilderness, but If you have only a Pick Axe and the iron you mine, you wont lose anything. Bring some food and an alternate weapon. Hobgoblins will readily attack you for the first 15 to 20 minuets you are mining there.
  • If you are f2p and want to bank the ores, the South-east Varrock mine is probably best. It is about 4 clicks from the Varrock east bank.
  • If you are p2p, competition will be less. There are many more mining places to mine at. I would suggest the Port Khazard mines. It has 9 iron ore spawns and a nearby bank, so you can get rid of your ore faster. The bank in Yanille is 3.5 clicks from the northern most group of 4 iron rocks.
  • South of Ardougne (4 clicks SW from the south bank) along the road, there are 6 iron rocks. If other locations are crowded, this is a good alternative.
  • At level 30, you can begin mining coal. Coal is always needed for higher level smithing, so it is always in demand. Because the spawn rate for coal is much slower than iron, your rate of gaining experience will be lower, but you can weigh the loss in experience against the profit potential in selling coal.
  • At level 55, you can begin mining mith. Find a place with iron spawns and a mith (such as Port Khazard mine) as well. Grab each mith spawn as it comes until you have a full load.

With the invention of the "Ring of Forging," the value of iron has increased. Thus, in p2p, iron is a viable profit making ore. Smiths are anxious to buy iron because using it with the "Ring of Forging" they can obtain more experience pts for their money.

60-85 Hey! Your level 60 now! You can now enter the mining guild. Now, decide if you want to make money or continue leveling.
  • If you wish to get some money, try the mining guild. It has a whole lot of coal to be mined. It won't be the fastest way to level up, but you will be able to sell what you get. Did you know that you need almost 60,000 coal to get to level 85 mining from level 60? That's around 6 million gp if you sell it all.
  • Or, if you want to get experience, find a secluded place with no one around. That way you can get the ores. You need almost 86,000 iron ore to get to level 85 mining from 60. Sound like a lot? It is. I would never suggest trying to get straight there. Grab a random level every once in a while. You wont get burnt out as easily.
85-99 Congratulations! Your at level 85 finally! You can mine rune.
  • Rune isn't the easiest thing to get. There are always pkers to worry about and other miners. It will take quite a bit of time to learn tricks to get a lot of money. Good luck!
  • Just a note: Many, many people are level 85 mining, 86 is more impressive. Continue mining in a secluded place dropping iron ores.

Now go off and have fun mining, whether it be for exp or for the ores (to sell or to smith). But do watch out for the Random Events that you could encounter while mining. Don't forget to use our extensive collection of mining maps under our Atlas section of the web site to help you along your way.

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