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Firemaking Guide


In Runescape, firemaking is used to light several items. Most important are the logs. Lighting logs will create a fire on which you can cook your food. For firemaking you will need a tinderbox which looks like this:

You can buy a tinderbox in every general store. You can then light either logs, lanterns, candles and more. You do this by using the tinderbox on them. The higher your firemaking level, the higher your change to succeed. The best way to train firemaking is by burning logs. To get these you will need to cut trees and therefor firemaking is closely related to woodcutting. In the different sections in this guide you can find info on how to light each type of item and some information on the exp rewards.

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There are a few ways to light a log:

1.You can drop the logs on the ground and right click them and then choose the "light logs" option in the menu that pops up

2.Another way is to just click on your tinderbox and then click on the log in your inventory. You will automaticaly drop the log and light it. You will then move off the fire.

3.You can also choose to drop the log and then use your tinderbox on the log (this method isn't the fastest but maybe you prefer it)

Picture Name of Log Level to cut Cutting Experience Level to Burn Lighting Experience
Normal Logs 1 25 1 40
Oak Logs 15 37,5 15 60
Willow Logs 30 67,5 30 90
Maple Logs 45 100 45 135
Yew Logs 60 175 60 202,5
Magic Logs 75 250 75 303,75

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Pyre Logs

Pyre logs are needed to get a fine cloth for splitbark armour. This armour is ment for mages. To make pyre logs you will need to have completed the Shades of Mort'ton quest. You will need to get some olive oil from the Razmires'general store. Then you will need to use the olive oil with the holy flame in the temple, which you've build during the Shades of Mort'ton quest to make some sacred oil. Sacred oil is needed to make pyre logs. The following amount of doses is needed to turn normal logs into pyre logs.

Picture Name of Log Amount of oil
Normal and Oak 2
Willow and Maple 3
Yew and Magic 4

Pyre logs are used to burn shade remains. When you do this there is a change you will get a key. These keys are needed to get deeper into the shades tomb and finally aquire a fine cloth. More information on this can be found in the splitbark armour guide.

Picture Name of Log Level to Burn Experience
Normal Pyre Logs 5 50
Oak Pyre Logs 20 70
Willow Pyre Logs 35 100
Maple Pyre Logs 50 175
Yew Pyre Logs 65 225
Magic Pyre Logs 80 404.5

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You can also light other things then logs like Lanterns and candles. Lanterns are needed to see in the Lumbridge Swamp Cave (located in lumbridge swamp).

Lumbridge Cave Map

Different lanterns,candles,torch and mining helmet :

Picture Name Level to light
Torch 1
Candle 1
Black Candle 1
Candle Lantern 4
Black Candle Lantern 4
Oil Lamp 12
Oil Lantern 26
Bullseye Lantern 49
Mining Helmet 65

Mining helmets are dropped by level 11 miners (located in the Lumbridge Cave). You can wear the mining helmets and once there lit they wont go out and you will save a inventory space. But do note that once you lit the helmet, it becomes non-tradeable so you will! need 65 firemaking.

Glass For lanterns:

For some lanterns you will need to make glass, here a short manual on making glass, Thanks to our Crafting Team

Glassblowing pipe Glassblowing pipe Can be found on the island of Entrana, in the house a little north-east of the herblore shop. There is also a spawn in a building in Hemenster east of the fishing guild.
Bucket Bucket Buyable from any general store.
Seaweed Seaweed Found on Entrana (8 spawns), Shilo (3 spawns) and is a rock crab drop. Can also be fished with a big net.
Molten Glass Molten Glass You'll craft this before making an item, details below.
  • "Cook" your seaweed on a range or fire to get some soda ash (Can't be done on a fire).
  • Use a bucket on a sand pit to get a bucket of sand. Pits are found in Entrana, Yanille and the Lost City.
  • Use the soda ash and your bucket of sand on a a furnace to get Molten Glass. You'll get 20 crafting exp.
  • Use your glassblowing pipe on the molten glass to make the item of your choice.
Glass Items
Pic Name Level Exp
Candle Lantern Candle Lantern 4 19.5
Candle Lantern Oil Lamp 12 25
Lantern Lens Lantern Lens 49 55

In the table above you can see wich items can be made out of glass and be used for your lanterns.

Explanation on making the actual lamps

  • Candle Lantern
    - Use the Candle Lantern you have crafted with a lit candle to make this (lvl 4 firemaking). You can buy a lit candle from the seller in Lumbridge swamp. You can also buy an unlit one from the candle seller in Catherby and light it with a tinderbox.
  • Oil Lantern
    - Use the Oil Lamp you have crafted with an Oil Lantern frame which you can smith from one iron bar(lvl 26 smithing).
    - Light the Oil Lantern with some Lamp Oil (lvl 26 firemaking).
  • Bullseye Lantern
    - Use the Lantern Lens you have crafted with Bullseye Lantern you can smith from one steel bar (lvl 49 smithing).
    - Light the Bullseye Lantern with some Lamp Oil (lvl 49 firemaking).

To make Lamp Oil, use some Swamp tar which you can pick up from Lumbridge Swamps, with the 'Lamp Oil Still' in the chemist in rimmington. Then use your Oil Lantern or Bullseye Lantern with the still to collect your Lamp Oil. The worst Lantern is the Candle Lantern. If you fall with this in the Lumbridge Cave it will break. If you fall with the Oil Lantern it will go out and you can relight it with a tinderbox. The Bullseye Lantern will never go out even if you fall.

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Training & Tips

This guide is based on averages. Some people have better luck with higher level logs then others. So, if you seem to be burning well, try another type of log.

Levels Locations or Logs
1-25 Normal logs are your only option until level 15. The best place to get normal logs is the Lumbridge forest. You can cut, drop, burn, and repeat.
25-40 Oak logs will be the next wood you get to burn. One of the best places to cut oak logs to burn is west of the Draynor bank. There are only four trees there, but since each tree gives multiple logs, it will turn out easier.
40-50 Now, you can try your luck on willow logs. An excellent place is south of Rimmington. There are ten trees ready to be cut.
50-70 Now, you can burn maple logs if you have members. There is an abundance of maple trees north of seers on the road heading to the Fremennik cities. If you are f2p, willow logs will be the best to burn for exp.
70-99 If you have a large amount of money, Yew trees are the fastest exp past 70. However, they are very costly. If you don't have very much money, stick to maple trees.

Note: Since you can fail lighting up all logs, the levels we suggest you start at when training, are higher than the actual requirements for burning the log type. To make your training as good and fast as posible, we suggest you don't start on a new log until you're at least 5 levels above it's required level.

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