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Agility Guide




Agility is a members only skill that allows you to swing across rope swings, climb over rock slides, squeeze through pipes and even more so that you can access new areas or make use of shortcuts. It also affects your energy level (check our Getting Around Guide). To train this level, there are many courses of different agility obstacles - whereby you repeat laps around the course to get xp. Each individual obstacle gives a certain amount of xp but completing a lap by going through the obstacles in order gives a bonus amount of xp. The three courses are explained below and then you can see about the Agility Dungeon, the Agility Arena and the other aspects of Agility.

Gnomes' Course

Located in the Gnomes' Stronghold North West of Ardougne, this is where you will have to start to train initially. You will see Gnome trainers around the course encouraging you to go faster and also ready to help you out with any questions.

Gnomes' Agility Course

Move through the course in the order explained below:

  • Slowly walk across the log to start the course.
  • Climb the net to end up in the tree.
  • Climb the tree branch to the next level of the tree.
  • Balance across the tight rope to get to the other side.
  • Climb down this tree branch to get back to the ground.
  • Climb over this net, almost at the end now.
  • Crawl through these pipes to end up on the other side.

Congratulations on completing a whole lap! Heres how the xp works for this course.

Gnomes' Agility Course
Obstacle Exp. gained
Log 7.5
First Net 7.5
First Tree Branch 5.0
Tight Rope 7.5
Second Tree Branch 5.0
Second Net 7.5
Pipes 7.5
Completed Lap 86.0

Barbarians' Course

Located right at the top of the World. To get there, go far north from Ardougne and past Baxtorian falls. To enter the outpost you must have completed the Bar Crawl. To enter the agility course you must squeeze through the Pipe which requires level 35 agility.

The crucial difference with this course is that you can lose hitpoints if you fail crossing the obstacle and fall in the spikes or the pond. This is usually a small amount and depends on your maximum hits so you will never get killed. However it is a good idea to bring food with you.

Barbarians' Agility Course

Move through the course in the order explained below:

  • Swing over the spikes via the rope swing (could fall into the spikes).
  • Balance over the pond by walking across the log (could slip into the pond).
  • Climb the net to enter this building.
  • Edge over the spikes by walking across the ledge (could fall into the spikes).
  • Now jump over each of these three crumbling walls.

Congratulations on completing a whole lap! Heres how the xp works for this course.

Barbarians' Agility Course
Obstacle Exp. gained
Pipe 10.0
Rope Swing 20.0
Log 12.5
Net 7.5
Ledge 20.0
Crumbling wall (one) 12.5
Completed Lap 139.5

Wilderness Course

Located deep in the members' area of the wilderness (level 52 and up). Level 52 agility is required to cross the ridge to gain access to the course. However sometimes you will still fail and fall into the pit of White Wolves. PKers do often come by to attack, so taking this risk is up to you - but the xp reward per lap is excellent (see table below).

You are also at risk here from failing obstacles and if you fall into the spike pit, you will have to climb the ladder out of the dungeon of skeletons. Either way, don't forget to bring food with you and any armour and weapons you might wish to defend yourself with.

Wilderness Agility Course

Move through the course in the order explained below:

  • Crawl through the pipe to get to the other side.
  • Swing over using the Rope Swing (could fall into spikes).
  • Traverse the lava by slowly walking over the stepping stones (could fall into the lava).
  • Balance over this pit by walking across the log (could fall into spikes).
  • Now walk past some skeletons and climb up the rocks to finish.

Congratulations on completing a whole lap! Heres how the xp works for this course.

Wilderness Agility Course
Obstacle Exp. gained
Ridge 15.0
Pipe 12.5
Rope Swing 20.0
Stepping Stones 20.0
Log 20.0
Rocks 0
Completed Lap 571.5

Werewolves' Course

The entrance to this course is located in the haunted woods just west of Canafis, in Morytania. You will need level 60 agility to enter and be wearing the Ring of Charos. You can only get this ring after completing the Creature of Fenkenstrain quest. Once you enter this dungeon, the Werewolves' agility course is on the west side. When you start a lap, the wolf agility trainer will throw a stick for you to fetch on the other side of the pipe. During your lap, you need to pick it up. Hand over the stick to the wolf at the end of the coruse to get the bonus xp for a completed lap.

Werewolves' Agility course

Move through the course in the order explained below:

  • Jump across the five stepping stones.
  • Jump over three hurdles.
  • Squeeze through one of the pipes.
  • Pick up the stick which will be around here.
  • Climb up the wall.
  • Take the Death Slide all the way down.
  • Hand over your stick to the wolf to finish.

Congratulations on completing a whole lap! Be aware that you can fall off the death slide and be hit for damage to your health. It can hit upto 30 and will kill you if you don't have enough hits. The wolves warn you that the more wieght you are carrying, the more likely you will fall. Heres how the xp works for this course.

Werewolves' Agility Course
Obstacle Exp. gained
Stepping stones 10 (x5)
Hurdle 20 (x3)
Pipe 15
Wall 25
Death Slide 200
Completed Lap 540
Werewolves' Course

You can play skullball on the East side of the dungeon. This game is for fun and isn't particularly useful for training. Simply put, you have to kick a skull through skeleton legs and go around the course in a clockwise direction. The faster you go around the course, the more agility xp you recieve at the end of the course. The maximum for one lap is 750 xp and it can be done quickly in around 2:30 mins. Skullball

Brimhaven Agility Arena

Cap'n Izzy No-Beard in the bamboo hut in the north east of Brimhaven (located on Karamja Island) has discovered ancient ruins underground where a cavern of platforms exist. Here you can have fun training your agility and gaining tickets by competing against the clock! The aim of the game is to make your way across the agility obstacles between the 20 platforms to the one with the flasing arrow to tag the pillar there to recieve a ticket. Each minute the flashing arrow changes to a different random platfom. A map of the arena is shown below and the obstacles between them labelled.

Brimhaven Agility Arena
  • White obstacles only require level 1 agility to cross.
  • Blue obstacles require lvl 20 agility to cross.
  • Red obstacles require lvl 40 agility to cross.

Each obstacle gives a different amount of xp. It is worth noting that when crossing the planks, only one will get you across. look carefully to find the non-crooked one. Also, when you fail darts you will lose 2 or 3 agility levels temporarily.

Brimhaven Agility Arena
Obstacle Exp. gained
Ledge 16
Hand Holds 22
Blade 0
Spinning Blades 28
Darts 30
Rope Balance 10
Ropeswing 20
Floor Spikes 24
Pressure Pads 26
Monkey Bars 14
Pillars 18
Low Wall 8
Log Balance 12
Planks 6

You will not recieve a ticket for the first pillar but for every one thereafter. If you miss a pillar then you will miss out on the next ticket so try to keep your rythm going. You can save up these tickets to trade them with Pirate Jack the Fruity for various rewards as detailed below. She is in the same hut that you entered the arena from. The best way to train here is to go as little weight as posible, that way your running engergy will last longer. Keep your hits below 20 that way you only get hit 2 instead of 4, so your can stay here longer.

Rewards you can trade your tickets for
No. of tickets Reward Total
1 240xp 240 xp
10 248xp each 2,480 xp
25 260xp each 6,500 xp
100 280xp each 28,000 xp
1000 320xp each 320,000 xp
3 Toadflax (herb) -
10 Snapdragon (herb) -
Different obstacles in the Arena

Agility Dungeon

There is a dungeon located just North of Yanille known as the Agility Dungeon where you can use your agility to access different areas. Below are the details of the different obstacles you can overcome. Again, you can fail some obstacles and fall into a lower dungeon, but this one has poison spiders so bring an anti-poison potion if you want to explore here.

Agility Dungeon Obstacles
Obstacle Level Required Exp. gained
Ledge 42 22.5
Pipe 49 7.5
Monkey Bars 57 20.0
Pile of Rubble 67 5.5


There are quite a few places through out the world where you can make use of your agility level to overcome obstacles. Several quests require certain agility levels to be able to finish. Many dungeons also restrict areas, or have shortcuts, for certain agility levels. Details of certain obstacles are shown in the table below.

Other Agility Obstacles
Obstacle Level Exp Info
Crumbling Wall 5 12.5 This shortcut allows you to cross over from Taverly to Falador (but not back). This is located just behind West Falador bank.
Monkey Bars 15 20 This obstacle allows you to access an area of the wilderness area of Edgeville dungeon where you can fight with Earth Warriors.
Log 20 8.5 This shortcut allows you to cross over from the Coal Trucks eastwards towards Seers' Village. Very useful.
Rope Swing ?? 3 This allows you to crossover from mainland Brimhaven to a small Island where you can fight some Moss Giants. Located on far West of Brimhaven.
Rope Swing ?? 3 There is an Island of Ogres West of Yanille where some Jangerberries grow. You will need to attach a rope to the Long branch of a tree to cross over. You will lose your rope.

A good tactic is to start training at the Gnomes' course initially. When you get to level 35 you can start in the Barbarians' course but you will fall often. You can come here at 35 or more recommended at level 40. Use this course until you get level 52 and can then use the wilderness course thereafter for best xp, if you are willing to take the risk. Alternatively use the Werewolves' course from level 60 or 65 which is arguably the same speed and without the risk, but needs more food. You could also have fun training in the Agility Arena after level 40 agility so you can have full access to all platforms, but it is the less xp per hour.

People will debate if the wilderness course or the werewolves' course gives the fastest xp once you can use both courses. Below is a list of the advantages and disadvantages of both courses. Overall, the risk of PKers in the wilderness course balances out with the high damage you recieve from falling on the zipline obstacle.

Playing Gnomeball in the Gnome Stronghold also gives some Agility xp as well as ranged. One final point to note is how Agility affects your Energy. When you are not running, you recover your energy back. So this means while you are standing or walking, you recover energy. The higher you agility the faster this happens - and this effect is carried over to f2p servers as well. Enjoy the skill of Agility and happy scaping!